Axion Hexa

AXION Hexa is an inflatable tent that comes in a hexagonal base shape and provides a large area of 603 sq. ft.

logo_axion_hexaIt is the perfect solution for events where a “rectangular” base is needed and the “neck” of the connection tunnel causes difficulty. You can add walls to all sides or add tunnels to connect to other tents of the same or different size. All six openings can be equipped with a visor. The zip-off cover, walls, visors and the entire inflatable structure can be printed in full color dye sublimation upon demand.



A – Outer Width (ft) 31.2 37.9
B – Outer Depth (ft) 18.2 22.5
C – Outer Height (ft) 9.5 11.5
D – Built Area (ft2) 409 602.8
E – Weight (w/o side walls, w. acc.) (lbs) 114.6 143.3
F – Inner Height (ft) 8.7 10.5
G – Height of entrance (ft) 6.6 7.6
H – Tube diameter (ft) .8 1
Efficient roof area (ft2 / %) 301 / 73 441 / 73

Silk Screen Printing:

The traditional way to have your logo applied to fabric products has been through a Silk Screen Print Application. This process involves an initial screen set up, however the application of the ink has a minimal cost and is ideal for larger volume orders. Silk Screen Print application is durable, vibrant and can make your image POP!

Digital Printing:

We use “Cutting Edge” Dye sublimation printing technology to achieve full bleed graphics on your fabric products. This digital process dyes the fabric and allows for unlimited graphic possibilities for image and logo reproductions. If you desire to be the best and have the best, the Impact Instant Canopy Digital Print Process is the answer.

  • Standard
  • Panorama Wall
  • Wall with Window
  • Wall with Door
  • Connection Tunnels
  • Floor

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