Half Arches

Even pneumatic arches are independent to electric power and therefore much less risky for event organizers, there are some events where half-arches are obliged. For such events AXION Half-arch is the less risky inflatable arch available on the market!

AXION Zip-Off Arch is a great hybrid between an Arch, Half-arch and a Tube. The best product among inflatable arches available on the market.


  • 3 sizes available
    • ARH X-60: 10.5’ (320 cm)
    • ARH X-80: 12.5’ (380 cm)
    • ARH X-96: 15.8’ (480 cm)
  • Available in 500 denier polyester






ARH X-60 10.5’ (320 cm) 5.6’ (170 cm) 31 lbs (14 kg) 24” x 24” x 9”
(62 cm x 62 cm x 22 cm)
ARH X-80 9.2’ (728 cm) 7.3’ (223 cm) 40 lbs (18 kg) 32” x 32” x 9” (82 cm X 82 cm X 82 cm)
ARH X-96 12.5’ (380 cm) 9.9’ (300 cm) 5 lbs (25 kg) 40” x 40” x 9”
(102 cm x 102 cm x 22 cm)

Digital Printing:

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